Joys of the Public Domain: Getcher “Lean In” Images Here!

I’m deeply ambivalent about the whole “Lean In” thing. Much less so about the very cool “Lean In Collection” from Getty Images, which aims to create stock photography that doesn’t reinscribe stereotypes.

However, you do still have to pay for/license uses of the Getty Images. This morning I was showing someone how to search the cultural institution “Commons” collections on Flickr, and discovered to my delight that searching for the word “scientist” returns PILES of historical images of women in science (many from the Smithsonian) – all of which have “No Known Copyright Restrictions”!

Here’s a few of my favorites – do click through to the full image files to read the fascinating stories of these scientists!

First, this delightful series of portraits of Norwegian zoologist Kristine Bonnevie:
PortrettavKristineBonneviesomung.jpg PortrettavKristineBonnevie-middle.jpg PortrettavKristineBonnevie-older.jpg
Portrett av Kristine Bonnevie som ung, Portrett av Kristine Bonnevie, and Portrett av Kristine Bonnevie – all courtesy Nasjonalbiblioteket / National Library of Norway

Also quite liked the caught-in-motion feeling of this snapshot of marine biologist Cornelia Maria Clapp
Cornelia Maria Clapp (1849-1934), courtesy Smithsonian Institution

But there are so many nifty portraits in here, that I decided to focus on pictures of the scientists -at work-. Which is still tons & tons of pictures.


Archaeologist Anne Stine Moe Ingstad (1918-1997). Created by National Geographic Society, courtesy Smithsonian Institution.
Geneticist Anna Chao Pai (b. 1935). Photographer: Ted Burrows. Courtesy Smithsonian Institution.


Botanist/mycologist Alma Whiffen Barksdale (1916-1981). Courtesy Smithsonian Institution.

Polymer chemist Jeanne Helen Osiecki (b. 1926). Courtesy Smithsonian Institution.

Astrophysicist Cecilia Helena Payne Gaposchkin (1900-1979).
Courtesy Smithsonian Institution.


Plant pathologist Ruth Colvin Starrett McGuire (1893-1950). Photographed by
United States Dept. of Agriculture, courtesy Smithsonian Institution.

Archaeologist Bertha Parker Pallan [Cody] (1907-1978). Courtesy Smithsonian Institution.

Biologist Gertrude Van Wagenen (1893-1978). Courtesy Smithsonian Institution.


Botanist Mary Agnes Chase (1869-1963), sitting at desk with specimens. Courtesy Smithsonian Institution.


Astronomer Muriel E. Mussells Seyfert (b. 1909).Courtesy Smithsonian Institution.

Biologist Mary Alice McWhinnie (1922-1980).  Courtesy Smithsonian Institution.

Biochemist/bacteriologist Ruby Hirose. Courtesy Smithsonian Institution.

Anthropologist Frederica Annis Lopez de Leo de Laguna (1906-2004), standing and talking at meeting with Kaj Birket-Smith (1893-1977). Photographer: Fremont Davis. Courtesy Smithsonian Institution.

Chemist Jane Blankenship Gibson. Courtesy Smithsonian Institution.


Crystallographer Dorita Anne Norton (1931-1972). Photographer: Don Glena. Courtesy Smithsonian Institution.

Experimental physicist Chien-shiung Wu (1912-1997), in 1963. Courtesy Smithsonian Institution.

Geologist Dr Beryl Nashar, 1955. Courtesy State Library of New South Wales.

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