This is NOT a small technicality!

One major argument publishers have taken with respect to open access mandates is that they harm the publishers’ intellectual property rights. While “harm” is relative, it is true that an open access mandate forces publishers to handle intellectual property rights differently. Just, not in the ways publishers say it does….

A few clarifications on Pinterest/Copyright/TOS worries

Glad a lot of people are finding my previous post about Pinterest useful and informative. A number of comments, tweets, and emails have pointed out a couple of areas that I glossed over too fast in that post, so here’s a couple of additions and clarifications. 1. A couple of…

Pinterest, copyright, and Terms of Service

[Update, 3/13/12 – some clarifications and additions.]There’s a couple of different articles circulating about a Pinterest user regretfully deleting her Pinterest boards and/or account, because it’s just illegal/unethical/morally wrong/too scary/something else. A number of my friends have shared links to these articles or others about Pinterest and legal issues, accompanied…