Copyright Report, Vol. 5

Googacle (Oracle America, Inc. v. Google, Inc.)
This long-running case has previously touched on issues of copyrightability of APIs, on 5/25, a jury found that Google’s use of them was fair use.

Star Trek fan film (Axanar)

Academic/Higher-ed news/info

General copyright news/info

Techlaw news/info

Just Awesome

  • RT @Lin_Manuel: “…and no one shall make them afraid.
    They’ll be safe in this nation we’ve made.”
    An honor to sing for you tonight.
    (Gabrielle Giffords & astronaut husband Scott Kelly at Hamilton
  • PLos crow video

    Open science research video: a crow that understands fluid volume. (Gets good after 1:02) Yay @PLOS!

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    1. I’ve seen some pretty amazing tool-use videos out of that and other labs with corvids, but somehow the understanding-fluid-mechanics bit was -even more- wow-ing to me. 🙂

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