UMN Copyright Report, #3

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“Dancing Baby” Appeals Court Decision Stands Minus the “Fair Use” Algorithms – Hollywood Reporter
Court revises its opinion, but confirms earlier decision that rightsholders must consider fair use before issuing takedown notices
fairuse takedowns DMCA UMNCrpt003

The Monkey Selfie Monkey just filed an appeal –

publicdomain litigation UMNCrpt003

Court rules copyright is infringed by 8 second video clips – TechnoLlama

Detailed analysis of -European- court ruling that copyright is infringed by 8 second video clips
video europe fairdealing UMNCrpt003

Does fair use knowledge change creative behavior?

Presentation by on how fair use changes behavior, empirical research on success of the best practices
fairuse UMNCrpt003

International and Comparative User Rights in the Digital Economy – Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property

Recorded video and links to research papers from this American University law school event.
legalscholarship UMNCrpt003

Other Intellectual Property and Techlaw

Direct link to PDF of CA state appellate opinion invalidating “browsewrap” licenses
First? California appellate ruling on validity of “browsewrap” Terms of Use. Invalid. Court provides guidance. [pdf]
licensing litigation ofinterest

For what its worth, many 1st amendment experts see little threat to press freedom from Hulk/Gawker verdict

NYT analysis of the Hulk Hogan/Gawker ruling
1AM ofinterest UMNCrpt003

If the FBI Is So Worried About Car Hacking, Why Is It Fighting Encryption? | Motherboard

If the FBI Is So Worried About Car Hacking, Why Is It Fighting Encryption? via privacy security crypto federal UMNCrpt003

More on the fight over a vendor trademarking site names in Yosemite Nat’l Park

U.S. steps up fight over Yosemite names, takes fight to TTAB via TM ofinterest UMNCrpt003

Non-legal Techie Info

Open Source Photogrammetry: Ditching 123D Catch – We Did Stuff
Interesting post showcasing wide variety of open-source software alternatives that build 3D models from photos. 3Dscanning opensource ofinterest UMNCrpt003

WowSuchJake on Twitter

The only correct way to actually store passwords. – privacy security users libraries ofinterest UMNCrpt003

Research Life

AllTrials – American Medical Association joins AllTrials
The American Medical Association just signed up to AllTrials, a project to increase transparency around clinical trials.
researchsharing researchethics researchpractices UMNCrpt003

Author Services Sharing your work

Nancy’s twitter comments: If you must go w/ toll-access publisher, Taylor&Francis does a good job explaining their preset options for sharing
researchsharing openaccess publisherinfo UMNCrpt003

new skills, same as the old skills | Feral Librarian

Chris Bourg, of the MIT Libraries, on what is -not- changing about librarianship
libraries librarians UMNCrpt003

Sick of Impact Factors | Reciprocal Space

British researcher’s thorough review of the problems with impact factors. (Post from 2012, shared at recent open access conference.)
researchsharing researchpractices scholarsaboutscholarship UMNCrpt003

Just Neato

DPLA Primary Source Sets
We’re meeting with our Education Advisory Committee this weekend—their primary source sets have been a big hit:
ofinterest UMNCrpt003 DPLA

CopyrightLibn on Twitter

Minnesotans are just inherently socialists, I think.
UMNLibraries ofinterest UMNCrpt003

Siva Vaidhyanathan on Twitter

The First Lady, the Queen, and Ms. Misdemeanor enjoy a moment at UMNCrpt003 justawesome ofinterest

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