Spring Flowers! (JoPD/CC)

I haven’t done a Joys of the Public Domain/Creative Commons post in a while! Today, some fleurs.

Cherry blossoms are kinda the archetypical spring flower.

black and white photo of Japanese men and women in front of a temple gate with cherry trees overhead
The Sheba Temple (likely what’s now known as Zōjō-ji), by Herbert Ponting, c. 1907. The National Archives UK

hand-tinted photo of a park in Washington DC, view of the back of a man seated on a park bench, painting
Artist painting cherry blossoms along the Tidal Basin. E.B. Thompson collection, DC Public Library.

Much earlier in the spring (at least in my part of the world) there are pussywillows and forsythia

Bright yellow forsythia against dark out-of-focus background
Untitled image CC by-nc-nd yamaken

small felt dolls with pussywillow and forsythia branches embroidered on their clothes
Pussywillow and Forsythia Jan10 CC by-nc-nd Alkelda

And you really know things are warming up when the bulbs start appearing!

Lily of the valley
lily of the valley plant: white bell-shaped flowers with broad flat green leaves
lily of the valley CC by liz west

blueflowers CC by Nancy Sims

Snowdrop or spring snowflake:
snowdrop or spring snowflake - white flower with small greenish-yellow spots around rim of bell.
Close-up view of flowers at Maclay Gardens State Park: Tallahassee, Florida. State Library and Archives of Florida.

Irises (and foxglove?):
hand-tinted photo of well groomed garden with small pond, sweep of lawn, and a large number of purple and yellow irises, and purple foxglove
Sunnie-Holme. Smithsonian Institution

Diary: 22nd of March 2011 CC by-nc-nd Paul Morris

And last but certainly not least, the gorgeous tulips of the University of Minnesota’s own Minnesota Landscape Arboretum!
foreground is the stems and flower heads of well-open yellow tulips, in background there are less clear dark red-purple tulips
Technicolor Tulips CC by-nd Rhonda Fleming Hayes

Happy Spring!

(I know, I know, it’s already getting on toward summer. But it was snowing three weeks ago…)

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